What are the differences in urn sizes?

Full-Sized Urns, sometimes referred to as Adult Urns, Standard Urns or Large Urns, are the most common urn size for adult remains. Most adults shorter than 6ft prior to cremation can be placed in a standard adult urn. 

Mid-Sized Urns are best when dividing one adult’s ashes among two (2) or more people or are also a suitable size for young children and pets.
Note: These Urns are not used as a single vessel for adult remains regardless of height or weight prior to cremation.

Token urns, or keepsake urns, are best for holding a small amount of cremated remains in remembrance of your loved one. Token urns are a popular option when dividing ashes amongst children, grandchildren, or friends.


How do I transfer my loved one's cremated remains to my new urn?

Transferring cremated remains to a new urn or keepsake is understandably not something everyone feels comfortable doing. We recommend contacting your local funeral home, as most will be happy to help you with this transfer. If you are comfortable transferring the cremated remains on your own we do include written instructions with each of our urns and keepsakes on how to do so.


What is a funeral home I.D. number?

We work directly with funeral homes to serve you and your family. Together we offer you the opportunity to continue memorializing your loved one in a convenient manner. Find products that fit your personalization needs from the comfort of your home, and have them shipped directly to you. We require a funeral home I.D. number at checkout to ensure that your local funeral home and the directors who have taken care of you through difficult times are still recognized for their work.

Some funeral homes may post their customer numbers or affiliate links on their website, however we are always available to assist you. Feel free to utilize our look-up option or give us a call ad we can help assist you in using the correct funeral home I.D. number.


Will I receive a proof of my personalized product before it is shipped?

Yes! We are dedicated to providing you with the perfect product. Please check your email inbox regularly after you place an order to view and approve a proof of the personalized product. Please remember to also watch your junk and spam folders as well. Please note: If you do not approve your proof within 10 days we will continue with the shipping procedures, and we are not liable for any changes you wish to have made to the original proof.


How do I select a theme for my personalized product?

We offer a complete catalog for you to choose your theme and verse from. You will find this link anytime at the bottom of your webpage, or simply click Personalization Catalog here. We update this catalog regularly and we encourage you to check-in frequently for new themes and verses in our efforts to always offer you the most personalized experience available.